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Play Close Attention! Would You Like The Ultimate Showcase For Your
Plugins And Themes?

THIS Is The PERFECT WordPress Theme To Present, Promote And Deliver Your New Plugins (And Other Digital / Affiliate Products!)

(Warning – This is a time-limited offer. When the launch ends, the price for this WILL increase.)



  • Build beautiful, high-end, animated sales pages, landing pages and other web pages with this simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface.

  • Securely deliver downloads (whether that’s plugins / themes or other digital products, such as eBooks), while protecting yourself from unauthorized downloads.

  • If you’re an affiliate marketer, get the edge by stealing other people’s videos, and placing on your own site with your own call-to-action.

Get Access To The World’s Easiest Website Builder, Specifically Designed For Product Creators And Affiliate Marketers!

Drag 'n Drop Boss - WP Dev Suite Special

As I’ve explained previously, WP Dev Suite is the ultimate business in a box solution for anyone who wants to go from ‘never-coded-in-my-life’ newbie to 6 figure software tycoon…..in just 2 steps.

We also gave you 7 strategies you could utilise to profit big from building WordPress plugins and themes:

  • Sell on CodeCanyon

  • Sell on your own website

  • Sell on WarriorForum as a WSO

  • Sell on JVZoo through affiliates

  • Use to build your email list by giving affiliates 100% commissions

  • Give away on WordPress.org to sell more premium software later

  • Give away as an enticing bonus with affiliate offers

Many of you will very likely pick more than one strategy, and that’s a good idea as you will create more than one income stream.

However, with nearly all of the strategies above (apart from selling directly on CodeCanyon), you will still need to design sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages and other web pages.

If you want to sell your plugins and software from your own website (and perhaps minimise the chance of losing money from unauthorized downloads on platforms like JVZoo), you also need to think about how you will allow someone to securely download your products.

And, if you wish to give away plugins as an enticing bonus with affiliate offers, you still need to create review sites / videos for your affiliate offers, and think of a promotional strategy.

What if we could hand to you, on a silver platter, the ultimate WordPress theme, that handles presentation, promotion and delivery of digital products?

A theme specifically designed for product sellers and affiliate marketers!

We spent over a year designing the most comprehensive and yet easy-to-use WordPress theme, designed to make your life 100% easier.

This is the PERFECT solution for software sellers, internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

What is WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss?

WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss is a state-of-the-art WordPress theme, complete with integrated plugins, which creates an entire platform that lets you create beautiful animated websites, without knowing a thing about coding or graphic design.

Create using a ridiculously simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface, so simple, even a toddler could create breath-taking websites.

The ultimate solution for presenting your WP plugins, themes, and other digital products you may have, as well as showcasing affiliate offers.

  • Create professional-grade animated sales pages with the simple drag-and-drop interface – perfect for selling your plugins on JVZoo via affiliates.
  • Create professional landing pages, opt-in pages etc. by just pointing and clicking – perfect for anyone who wants to sell or give away their software on their own website, or sell via affiliates.
  • Automate the download process and securely deliver downloads – perfect again for anyone choosing to sell or give away their plugins and themes.
  • Steal other people’s videos showcasing an affiliate offer, and use them on your own website to sell the same affiliate offer, with your own call-to-actions via pre-roll videos, text and image banners.

Drag ‘n Drop Boss is the complete website solution for




ALL your plugins, themes, digital and affiliate products!

Attention: Affiliate Marketers

Here’s How To Stand Out From A Sea Of Other Affiliate Marketers And Make 5X As Many Sales

Tired of not making the number of sales you want for each affiliate offer you promote?

Want to know how to make a super affiliate and dominate affiliate leader boards?

Here’s the secret; you need to do something that’s new and differently from the average affiliate.

With WP Dev Suite, we’ve already given you an amazing head start.

Instead of the typical bonuses most affiliates offer (such as low-grade PLR software that’s full of bugs, rehashed public domain info products etc.), you can offer high quality in-demand plugins, enticing people to buy through your affiliate link, and not someone else’s.

Now, here’s the second step to crushing and dominating other affiliates.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing, and creating boring review videos that are just a long sales spiel.

Instead of being pushy, and appearing as a salesman, why don’t you educate people about what the product can do for them?

By giving out free, valuable training to your list, you are seen as someone who helps them and nurtures a relationship with them, as opposed to just trying to make a quick buck.

Guess what? You don’t even need to take the time to make your own training videos – you can do this with other people’s videos!

Let us prove it you– watch below:

In under 3 minutes, you can easily create:

  • A beautiful full-screen video page with cover images and background videos to send visitors to. All the things that can distract the viewer, such as header, footer, sidebars and links are removed for maximum conversion. Here’s an example we created for a product called Easy Animator Pro.
  • A short and punchy pre-roll video to play before the main ‘stolen’ video, complete with your built-in affiliate link to the product you’re promoting – this captures all those people who were ready to buy straight away.
  • An unobtrusive, semi-transparent text ad with your built-in affiliate link that appears around half way through the video, to capture people who just needed a little bit more information before purchasing.
  • An image banner, again with your built-in affiliate link, to run for the last 20 seconds of your video that captures all the people who watched the training video to the end.
  • A video playlist to offer more comprehensive ‘bite-size’ training for more complex affiliate offers. Create whole video series, with each video containing the pre-roll video, text ad and banner image, all with your built-in affiliate links. Here’s an example we created
And this is all using our intuitive, point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface, that makes it so simple, even a child could accomplish this.
Seriously, this is less than 10% of what Drag ‘n Drop Boss offers you, but even if you just use this part, you can easily create a job-replacing affiliate income.
It’s stupid-simple and it works! Because you are now completely different to all other affiliates and offering the public something new and valuable.
You’re educating people about the benefits a product gives them, and then your affiliate link takes people to the product sales page, which does the rest, and you rake in your commissions!

Attention: Product Creators

Cut Your Sales Page Creation Time By 50%. Create High Converting, Animated Sales Pages, Without Expensive Page Building Membership Software, & Without Hiring Graphics Designers!

Let’s be honest, creating sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages……..it’s all so BORING!

But it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter how amazing your plugin is, or how brilliant your latest info product is, it’s your sales pages, landing pages and other pages that showcase your products and sells them.

It’s why so many people fork out for expensive page building platforms, such as LeadPages, Thrive Content Builder, InstaBuilder and Megaphone (Kajabi), to name a few.

Some of them will even try to pull you into a monthly membership scheme, which could end up costing you thousands over the space of a few years!

And hiring graphics designers is also very expensive, not to mention hit and miss with the quality you could get back.

What if we could offer you the ultimate page building WordPress theme, complete with ultra-intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to build beautiful, responsive pages from scratch, without knowing a thing about code?

  • Save more than 50% time in creating ANY website page you could ever need, with the world’s easiest page building software.
    No need to spend many frustrating hours using complicated applications, just edit them visually with our ultra-simple, point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface.
    We offer front and backend visual editors (unlike WordPress itself, and most other page building software).
    We know how frustrating it is for a non-tech person to look at confusing code, so we’ve made our tool to allow completely visual editing…which turns web design into a fun task!
  • Have complete customisation at the click of a mouse to build pages from scratch.
    Even the most expensive membership platforms force you to use their templates with limited ability to add elements or deviate away from their templates.
    We offer a hundreds of beautiful proven-to-convert templates that can save you serious amounts of time.
    But of course we still give you full customisation power to make your pages look exactly how you want them to look.
    Add and extend any template with new components, such as price tables, testimonials, galleries, countdowns, sliders, team members, and anything else you desire…….all with point-and-click, drag-and-drop simplicity.
    Click here to see some of the gorgeous, professional templates we have for you
  • Save yourself thousands in subscription fees to platforms like Kajabi or Thrive.
    Just pay a small one-time fee instead for software that’s every bit as powerful, and easier to use!
  • Save yourself thousands in hiring graphics designers.
    Just because we’ve created the world’s simplest page building software, doesn’t mean our pages look basic. Create stunning animated pages that even a top designer would be proud to show a client!

Just watch how easy it is here:

Here’s everything you get in Drag ‘n Drop Boss:

WP Sales Boss Module

This module allows you to get your perfect sales page up and running in no time. All the components, such as bullets, call-to-action buttons etc. are in place, you just need to edit them with your own information.

What’s more, we don’t just give you the easiest, fastest method to high-converting sales page, we also allow you to create any type of web page you like:

…and many, many other page types

WP Download Boss

If you’re selling via JVZoo, you’ll really love this module! It’s the missing link connecting JVZoo and WordPress, allowing you to reliably deliver your product on your own website, while protecting your page against unauthorized downloads.

Every year, authors selling through JVZoo lose thousands of sales and hundreds of thousands of dollars because of unauthorized downloads. WP Download Boss puts an end to this and protects your income.

It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who wants to sell their products on their own site (without using a 3rd party platform such as JVZoo).

WP Opt-in Boss Module

This module allows you to create converting, eye-catching, animated, responsive and distraction-free opt-ins that people truly respond to. It’s the fastest way to build your list!

WP Survey Boss

The easiest solution to creating online surveys that find out exactly what your potential customers want and need. Then you can simply create the exact product they need (or find a perfect affiliate product to promote to them)!

WP Presentation Boss Module

This is perfect for all you internet marketers that like making video sales pages, or love holding webinars. This module gives you a unique, never-seen-before way of presenting your products and services on a full-screen.

It’s like PowerPoint or Keynote, only 10 times better! Your presentation is animated, on a full screen, which automatically adjusts to the size of the device (desktop, tablet or a phone), and even switches from landscape to portrait with one click.

Do webinar presentations, or record them and turn them into auto-running animated presentations, or incorporate them as videos into your sales and web pages…..the sky’s the limit!

Ships With The World’s Best Plugins Already Integrated

Up until now, the only way to sell, market and deliver digital products via WordPress was to buy a diverse set of tools, plugins and themes, get your head around all the different interfaces, hope they’re all compatible with each other (rarely the case), and usually have inconsistent-looking pages as a result.

Drag ‘n Drop Boss is not only a premium money-making WordPress theme, it also ships with and integrates some of the world’s BEST plugins.

We’re not kidding – take a look:

  • WPBakery Visual Composer (selling on CodeCanyon for $34.00)

  • Addon Creator for Visual Composer (selling on CodeCanyon for $20.00)

  • eForm – WordPress Form Builder (selling on CodeCanyon for $29.00)

  • Layered Popups (selling on CodeCanyon for $22.00)

  • Master Slider Pro (selling on CodeCanyon for $22.00)

  • WP Download Boss (selling at C Point for $34.00)

  • WP Pro Image Editor (selling on CodeCanyon for $19.00)

  • Ultimate Video Player (selling on CodeCanyon for $29.00)

In other words, if you were to purchase the integrated plugins one by one, you’d be paying a total of $209.00!

(that’s not even counting the cost of a premium WP theme)!

Finally, At Your Fingertips You Have The Ultimate WordPress Theme Designed From The Bottom Up For Product Creators, Software Sellers And Affiliate Marketers!

…….right here!
Drag 'n Drop Boss - WP Dev Suite Special


WP Pro Image Editor

When you buy WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss today, we’re also going to hand you the ultimate WordPress image creation and editing tool, allowing you to edit and create images directly on your website.

If you’ve ever tried manipulating images on WordPress, you’ll know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Sometimes, you just can’t do what you want to do with the standard visual editor, which means you have to use the text editor, which is much more confusing (especially if you’re not a coder).

We’ve created the WP Pro Image Editor to remove all frustrations, with a completely visual no-code-necessary image editor that will have you creating and manipulating images like a pro graphics designer – just watch, below!

Value:  $97.00


Included For A Limited Time ONLY


It’s no secret that vendors make most of their money, not from the initial sale, but by charging for upgrades.
Drag ‘n Drop Boss is so much cheaper than many other page and website building platforms out there, and does not pull you into a membership scheme.
However, add Drag ‘n Drop Boss to your order today and, for the first 100 buyers, you will be guaranteed free ongoing upgrades when you purchase the Drag ‘n Drop Boss license.
Normally, we would charge a fee for major theme and plugin upgrades, as well as when new plugins are added (after all, it costs us!)
But, get in now at the founding members level, and you’ll NEVER pay for an upgrade. new plugins, as we add them

  • Every time there is a new version of the theme, or any of the plugins, you’ll be the first to receive it, BEFORE it’s officially released

  • You NEVER have to pay for an upgrade

As we add more plugins and functionality, we will naturally raise the price, and future upgrades will be paid for.

However, get in today as an early adopter, and you will get free upgrades for life, as well as have access to new plugins, as we add them, free of charge

Value:  $97.00


This Is An Early Bird Offer For The First 100 Who Grabs
WP Drag ‘n Drop!


Premium Templates
for Drag ‘n Drop Boss

We’ve saved the best for the last: speed up and beautify your design with Drag ‘n Drop Boss Premium Templates!

Professionally made and ready to use: Opt-ins, Accordions, Price Tables, Countdowns, Counters, Team Members, Testimonials, and 120+ other visual-design templates…

The last thing you want to do is clutter your design environment with something you do not use…

…but whenever you happen to need any of the above, you DON’T have to keep buying plugins, DON’T have to waste your time learning how to use them, DON’T have to solve compatibility problems.

Many of the visual design templates have multiple uses. For example, use animated opt-ins as:

  • Popup opt-ins: they appear after the page has finished loading, or after the specified time, or when the users scrolls the page, or when the users exits the page…
  • Embedded opt-ins: simply place them on a page.
  • On-click opt-ins: they’re animated when the user clicks on a text link or an image.

Simply import the template you need in seconds, and specify its properties – through the intuitive point-and-click drag-and-drop Visual Editing.

Value:  $67.00

Listen Closely: This upgrade is NOT essential – WP Dev Suite alone allows you to enter the software market instantly by rebranding over 50+ sought-after plugins, and then dominate the market by learning coding ‘on the job’ by adding extra functionality to plugins or creating news plugins and themes from scratch….

However, this is the route to take if you want the ultimate website solution for showcasing and selling your software and digital products.

Designed specifically for IM product creators and affiliate marketers!

We’re giving you the chance to have the complete solution for:
  • presenting your software in the most compelling way

  • promoting you software to make a ton of sales

  • delivering your software safely and securely to customers

without having a technical bone in your body…. GUARANTEED.

Get Started NOW!

Click the Buy button below and add WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss to your order….

Drag 'n Drop Boss - WP Dev Suite Special

Try WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss for 30 Days RISK FREE


30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee
Download Now and Risk $0.00

We believe WP Drag ‘n Drop Boss is the ultimate solution for presenting, promoting and delivering your software, without knowing a thing about programming.
And we 100% believe you will love WP Drag ‘n’ Drop Boss and the profits it generates for you.
But, if for any reason, during the first 30 days, you decide it’s not for you, just send a quick message to my support desk and you’ll receive a courteous, fast and full refund – see the licensing terms HERE.
No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever
So invest TODAY with complete confidence, knowing you have absolutely NOTHING to risk.